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January 9, 2006

Skylab MDA Used To Support Orion (Crew Exploration Vehicle)
Why Are We Doing This?

In 1968 NASA ordered two identical flight qualified space stations (Skylab) built along with 3 full
scale training mockups. One flight version, the 1st US Space Station was flown in 1973 and
orbited the Earth until 1979; the second flight element is now on display at the National Air and
Space Museum. One full scale mockup, used by astronauts and engineers at MSFC during the
3 crewed Skylab missions (73-74) was on display for many years at the US Space and Rocket
Center (USRC) located in Huntsville Alabama. Several years ago the Skylab exhibit was moved
outside. The original temporary weather coverings have failed and Skylab has suffered the
effects of rain, sun, wind, plants, dust/dirt, mold, animals and vandals.  Right now the Skylab
artifact is nearing a point of no return.

To save Skylab the Alabama/Mississippi section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and
Astronautics (AIAA) started the Skylab Restoration Project (SRP). AIAA is seeking volunteers
to help save this unique part the US Space Program.  If you’re interested in volunteering for
SRP please send an email to [email protected] Our 1st effort will be to stabilize the
situation and remove (save) as much historic material as possible.  Each volunteer will be
given a US Space and Rocket Center Volunteer badge.  
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Skylab Restoration Project

Skylab Restoration

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We received a request for data about the Multiple Docking Adapter (MDA) docking ports from the
Orion project at JSC. The MDA docking port may serve as a guide or model (even a good starting
point) for Orion's passive docking capability. Skylab's grid decking is servicing as a guide for a new
way to mount avionics for Ares 1.  It's good to see the constellation program is drawing on Skylab.
She's Just Rotting Away
June 27, 2007

The USSRC Skylab Restoration Effort is still on hold. Nothing has been done in 7 months to save her. This bit of US space
history just keeps rotting away. The USSRC wants  $2,000,000 dollars for a new building before work to save Skylab can
start again. In not much time little will be worth saving. They need to move Skylab (the space she sits now will be a parking
lot for the new Saturn V Building). The location is TBD. They taped up the MDA today but the weather covering on the 1st
deck has failed again exposing it to rain, dust, etc. The USSRC is looking for $2,000,000 to erect a new Shuttle building
(they have the USAF temp shelter to be used if an Orbiter ever had to land after an emergency in an area without facilities,
like from a TAL) in hopes of getting an orbiter (they have talked about getting for the Enterprise from the National Air and
Space Museum in Dulles VA). With 3 flight Orbiters available in 2.5 years, it's sure one will go to JSC, one will stay at KSC
and one will go to the National Air and Space Museum Annex in Dulles VA. Maybe the chance of an Orbiter is more
important than Skylab, maybe not. We are going to ask the BOD of a major National Technical Society if they will fund the
new building. But no promises.