Buying a thobe : for what occasions ?

Considered the most beautiful existing garment intended for original occasions for the Islamic community, the thobe is an Islamic dress for men. Still called jubbah, dishdasha or thawb, the thobe has been around for years and continues to be tendentious within the community. In addition to taking into account the precepts of Islam for its design, the thobe is made of cotton to offer softness to the user. You can also opt for wool models that are pleasant to wear during the winter.

The thobe : when to wear it ?

The thobe, a Muslim fabric, is a long and loose tunic intended for men. Designed for several years, this garment much loved by the Prophet is now adopted by all Muslims around the world. If you want to buy thobe in usa, you can do it online without having to travel. 

So you won't even have to shift or review your program. You just have to give the address where you want to be delivered. You can wear it at a family reunion, at a wedding, at the mosque and for many other occasions :

For Friday Prayer

As a Muslim, you must know how important and sacred Friday Prayer is for the Muslim community. By dressing in this much-loved outfit of the Prophet for this occasion, you are showing devotion and respect to the religion. 

Its ample shape and the soft fabrics used give you total freedom of movement to perform your prayers well. The thobe allows you to appear more respectful and responsible in your surroundings.

To celebrate Eid 

The end of the month of fasting among Muslims is a very special occasion. These are the Eid holidays. It is a time when Muslims celebrate with their loved ones. It is an important moment during which Muslims put on this outfit. 

The thobe has traditional ornaments and patterns that bring a certain originality to this festival. In addition to these occasions, the thobe can be worn at weddings and other festive events.

Why buy your thobe online from Mens Thobes ?

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