Different types of fruits that are good for your skin.

For a human being, especially women, having a good skin is important. If you don't have time to go to the spa or don't have enough money, this writing is for you. Discover how to maintain your skin with fruits you have in your kitchen.

The Lemon

Lemon is one of the fruits the most used in skin care. It is very effective against wrinkle. It will make your skin smoother. Lemon is also known for its capacity to clear up skins.


Since years, grapes are used in cosmetic. It allows you to hydrate your skin. If you used to work every time, and you are worried about the impact of this on skin, don't worry. Grapes are known for their ability to help tired skin.

Red fruits

Raspberries, gooseberries, black current, blueberries etc., are what we call red fruits. They are known to be an excellent way to treat the skin. They help you to avoid that your skin becomes old. Those fruits contain polyphenols that help to avoid that free radicals attack your skin cells. This will avoid that free radicals increase your skin aging. The anthocyanins that gives those fruits a red pigment helps you to generate new cells for your skin and repair it.


Oranges are known to relax and appease your skins. The vitamin C contained in oranges protects your skin from external aggression and reduce the process of your skin aging. Use orange will help you to keep a young skin and be beautiful/ handsome.


They are known for different recipes in cookery. But many of you ignore the benefits it provides for your skin. Just by eating tomatoes, you will have positive impacts on your skin. Thanks to its acidity, it can help you to avoid acne by reducing the excess of sebum.
Use all these fruits and other and have a guarantee of a good skin.