Epc in affiliate marketing: what should you know?

Affiliation allows merchants to multiply the means of sale. In this system of affiliation, there are other strategies, including pay per click. Known by the acronym EPC, it is widely used by affiliates. What is it really. More details in this article.

Earnings per click

This is the income of a site owner or internet user holding an affiliate link. This affiliate internet user is the relay between a sales agency and the customer who clicks on the banner or goes to the site. Affiliate elements are widely used tools in advertising and you can find out more. Advertisers get permission from other page or site owners to place their ads on their site. This contract amounts to paying the affiliates a rate once the affiliate link is followed. This rate is usually low and is referred to as EPC (earning per click). This is how advertisers expand the promotional reach of their products or services. They reach a large number of their future customers. To calculate the earnings per click, it is very simple. You take all your earnings divided by the number of clicks. You get the unit price of a click.

The types of EPC

Affiliate by blog

When you agree to be affiliated with an advert, this implies that you are already running a website or blog. To generate revenue, all you need to do is frequently embed your affiliate links in your blog posts. Visitors to your blog often have a strong desire to discover the sites you link to. Very easy to get earnings.

Email Affiliate

You probably have a series of recipients to whom you send massive amounts of content. Now add affiliate links to them to gain more chances to get paid. Your facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Whatsapp accounts are weak channels through which your affiliate links can get several clicks. Facebook pages are known to be an advertising and publicity medium that can reach a large community.