How to know if an address is invalid

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult to know if an email is invalid or not. Knowing if an email is invalid is no longer an option for you, but a necessity due to the advanced methods used by spammers. Here are some effective methods in this article to perform email verification.

Send a message to the email address

To do an check emailfor the validity of an email address, sending a message to that address is one of the easiest methods. This is a success for those who are specialized in marketing and have a small distribution list, or those who have a few new addresses to integrate.

For what you should write in the message to be sent to the addresses to be validated, you can for example write: "Hello, this message to be sent to you only for the purpose of checking the validity of the address entered. Please acknowledge receipt after reading.

Messages that confirm the invalidity of an address

In case the address is wrong, the message will bounce and your mail merchant will send you a notification like :

  • - Address not found: your message did not reach. because the address is not found. Please check for typos or unnecessary spaces and correct them.
  • - Undelivered: Your message was not delivered to this recipient.

There are catch-all email addresses used by some email providers that they use for messages sent to the wrong address. So if your message reaches them, you will not receive any notification, but unfortunately your message will not reach the intended recipient.

Email checker, tools to detect invalid emails

With the percentage of false addresses circulating, it is reasonable that several platforms are set up to offer a quick, efficient and simple email verification. These platforms give you the possibility to recognize valid addresses in just a few clicks, which is very effective especially when you have a very long list. Most of these verification tools are free, but they limit the number of emails to be validated. On the other hand, those that are paid, by subscription system in most cases, allow you to verify the number of emails you want without any limit. It is up to you to choose which one suits you.