How to prevent malaria

Malaria is one of the diseases that touches a lot of people, specially children. This disease is very dangerous for children, even for adults. Discover some ways to prevent this disease to avoid risking your children life or yours.

Live in a healthy environment.

It is important to live in a healthy environment. It is not only for avoiding malaria but also all the diseases. The causes of most of the diseases is when you live in an environment full of bacteria. Malaria is caused by a parasite contained in mosquitoes stings. This means that the first thing to do to avoid malaria is to avoid the contact of mosquitoes. For this purpose, you must not leave runoff. After a rain, the remaining water on the floor which does not evaporate must be taken away. You must also avoid living in a dirty environment, specially if there is a lot of weeds around you.

Sleep under mosquito nets

As avoiding malaria is equal to avoid mosquitoes, it is important to sleep under mosquito nets are a kind of net full of a product that takes insects, specially mosquitoes away from you. If you are not in contact with mosquitoes, they cannot sting you. So, the mosquito nets are an excellent way to protect you from malaria. They even preserve form other diseases that can be caused by the sting if other insects.

Wear clothing that cover you

You can protect yourself at home, but you should also protect yourself when you are out. When you are out, specially at night, it is also important to protect yourself against mosquitoes stings. In this case, wearing long sleeve clothing, trousers, all types of clothing that cover your body will be helpful. This will allow you to protect your skin and mosquitoes stings will be avoided.