The importance and optimization of email addresses

A professional email can be defined as an email address attached to a domain name belonging to a specific structure. Used for professional purposes, it represents the means by which companies manage to communicate with their customers. What is the importance of processing and securing the information conveyed by the email address before sending the data? The answer to this question will continue in this article.

Optimization of email addresses

The email address is an essential channel and an essential mode of communication that companies use to reach their customers. It is therefore imperative to ensure the protection of your emails. To do this, you can make use of the CaptainVerify software by taking a tour of the site But that channel of communication that connects with the audience can turn out to be very incumbent. So CaptainVerify offers you a set of simple and more suitable solutions, which allows you to verify your addresses as well as your mobile numbers. In the next few lines we will list the solutions suitable for Optimizing and validating email addresses.

What is special about CaptainVerify?

CaptainVerify is software that allows you to check your emails and phone numbers while offering you a secure solution that is more suited to your request. You could deliver and optimize your marketing campaign on time with the cleaning system designed by captainVerify. Now you no longer have to worry about the mailing list, you could also import your mailing list from your CVS file (encrypted via SSL). You could download the file as soon as the read check operation is complete.

So to check the validity of your e-mails using this software, three important steps allow you to check this procedure. We can quote these next steps:

  • Cleaning your databases
  • Improving your deliverability
  • Ensure the compliance of the secure verification with the GDPR

Its purpose is to provide you with an accurate statistical report on the quality of your database.