The QR code : what is it ?

Set up by Denso, the QR code aims to optimize the productivity of the Toyota company. You should know that the QR code was originally a simple personalized barcode with black and white pixels. However, with the health crisis that has been raging for years, the QR code plays a more important role than that given to it as a basic in various companies. It is now used as a powerful, practical and effective tool in the field of marketing and communication.

What are the advantages of the QR code?

Basically, the design of the QR code was done by Denso to ensure better productivity for the Toyota company as mentioned above. It is defined in the form of a square and allows users to be able to visit a personalized URL from then phone. You should know that the user uses an application to scan the QR code to access the URL. Its use offers many advantages:

  • Fairly low cost. The QR code can be easily integrated into the printing of the support ;
  • The possibility of modifying the URL so as to be able to track the connection of contacts ;
  • The possibility of depositing it on a whole set of paper supports (business cards, posters, flyers, etc.).

If you’re looking for more informations about the QR code you can see this website

Create a free QR code: how to do it?

It is possible to create a free QR code. However, this goes through several stages :

Choose type

To start creating your free QR code, you must first select one of the following code types: vCard, Plain Text, URL, SMS, E-mail, Pdf, event, Wifi.

Complete the fields 

The next step is to correctly fill in all the fields that appear. This can relate to a link, contact information, texts or other information. Then you can tap Create QR Code.

Download the QR code 

This is the last step for creating your free QR code. You have the option of opting for a classic white and black style. If, on the other hand, you want more scans, you can choose the color and one of the preset custom frames. You can now download your QR code once the step is finalized.