Tourism at London: the monument to be discovered

London is the capital city of England. If you hear about London, you will think about queen Elisabeth II. This town is famous for the monument it presents. If you plan a trip to London, discover here some monuments to visit.

Tower of London

This tower had been considered as a symbol of terror over years. But it is one of the famous monuments at London. It is an attraction popular for tourism.

St Paul's Cathedral

It is a church that has been designed by Christopher Wren. The church has burnt in 1666 and has been destroyed. Nowadays, it is considered as a monument. You can learn more information about the history of this monument by visiting it.

The London Eye.

It is not an old monument. In 2000, to celebrate the new millennium, the London Eye has been built. Now, it is one of the most famous monuments to visit in London.

Buckingham Palace

When we hear about, we think about royalty. Your visit is not ended if you miss seeing the Buckingham Palace. Actually, it is the residence of the royal family.

The Shard

In Europe, the Shard is known to be the tallest skyscraper. It measures 1,016 feet, in other words, 309.6 meters. It is very high.

China town

China town is not a monument. It is located in the heart of Soho. It is a Chinese neighborhood that is known for its restaurants, its shops. China town is always animated and people usually like the good atmosphere it gives.

Westminster Abbey

On the most important aspect of London history is the history of royal family. Westminster abbey is the most popular building of London. It is where London monarchy is crowned. What makes this building important is the fact that to remain of the royal family has been buried there.