Wedding planner: what is his role in the organization of the wedding?

More and more wedding planners are supporting the bride and groom in the preparation of their ceremony.  From budget management to coordinating providers on D-Day ... Here's what you need to know about these wedding planners.

Wedding planner: what is his role during the preparation of the wedding?

The wedding planner is the conductor of your wedding.  It is also your privileged interlocutor before, during and after the marriage.  He must have a multidisciplinary profile with knowledge of legislation, planning, culture, communication, relationships, scenography, colorimetry, etc.  Indeed, the profession encompasses many sometimes unsuspected missions. To see a wedding planner in France, view website.

Aware of the latest trends, the wedding planner takes the time to bring you tips, ideas, personalized advice and to introduce you to its network of service providers.  You are free to select them or choose others.  A good wedding planner must have a sense of dialogue and listen to you.  Although he takes care of everything, it is indeed your desires and your requests that justify the provider's choices.

The wedding planner negotiates and manages the budget of the bride and groom. The budget question is often synonymous with anguish among the bride and groom.  With a weeding planner, you no longer have to worry about it!  He has more than one trick up his sleeve.  First of all, he is an ace at negotiation.  He dares to negotiate what we would not dare.  He knows the contracts to perfection which allows him not to have any bad surprises.

The role of the wedding planner on D-day

On the wedding day, the wedding planner is perfect for managing time and the sequence of services throughout the evening.  Reception venues often impose a late night time.  It is therefore important to plan time slots for each event such as the cocktail party, the meal, the speeches, the dance party ... So as not to be surprised when the lights go out.  Nothing is more frustrating than being stopped in full swing.  With a wedding planner, everything will go as planned on D-Day, he acts in the shadows to energize and coordinate all providers.